John Malkovich play the bad critic against everyone

03. 05. 2018.

The great American actor is the protagonist of "The music critic" on May 19th, an exclusive for Italy at the Cucinelli Theater in Solomeo (Perugia).
The show, conceived by the composer Aleksey Igudesman, debuted in Ghent, Festival of Flanders, and now it arrives exclusively at Solomeo!

The a look at the Corriere della Sera interview...  A ferocious invective, a sardonic mix of "musical insults" where the protagonist, in the role of a bad critic, convinced that the music of sacred monsters like Mozart, Beethoven or Prokofiev is boring and sad, is accompanied by an ensemble of musicians (besides to Igudesman, the Lithuanian violinist Julian Rachlin, Sarah McElravy, Boris Andrianov, Hyung-ki Joon) who disagree with his contemptuous judgments and counterattack, reacting with their instruments. Malkovich's role as a villain. «It's true, I am often entrusted with negative characters and I don't know why. To be honest, it doesn't bother me. Perhaps I am equipped with the so-called le physique du rôle ».