As a result of more than thirty years of experience in managing and touring artists and orchestras, organizing exclusive events and international festivals, we decided to bring together a team of experts from different countries in one Global Art Management. Collaborating with the most prestigious venues, concert halls and the leading orchestras, we work both with the great artists that have already established their fame, and with “the stars of tomorrow” - artists of the younger generation helping them to build their career.

Our management is not limited to a classical music as we also work with renowned jazz and pop musicians famous actors and dancers of versatile profile, theatre and ballet collectives, opera houses and composers.

We produce exclusive art shows and deliver artistic programs to the concert venues. Among our clients are numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations and corporations from different states, including UNESCO, and we assist them in organization of special events and art festivals.

Our team provides a large scale of services in consulting clients to develop new arts companies, projects, performance venues, festivals and major events. We take care of our clients’ requirements from event’s organization, artistic planning and programming to marketing, business development and finance resources. We create the world’s leading cultural programs that might be presented in a unique concert or rather festival or even a global tour. Event team provides management services from A to Z taking care of every detail.